The Fall Island Reboot! Creating Exceptional Experiences

Learn how to create exceptional experiences for your clients, your audiences and of course, for yourself. Connect with champions in the industry for personal and business development as you immerse yourself in our first-ever CAPS private island event!

Five Amazing CAPS Presenters 

  • David Gouthro, CSP, “Embracing The New Rules of Engagement”
  • Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, “THINK Yourself® SUCCESSFUL”
  • Robin Levesque, “The Power of Positive Leadership”
  • Rosemarie Barnes, “Increase your Impact with Vocal Power”
  • Jeanne Martinson, “Top 5 Publishing Secrets”

Schedule – Zoom viewing is an option
9:00am – Pick up from Canoe Cove Marina in Sidney for a short boat ride to Toad’s Landing
10:00am – Learning adventures begin
Lunch and snack breaks included
4:00pm – Boat pick up from Canoe Cove Marina
It’s Not Over: Fun into the evening!
5:30pm – Carpool to an evening social/dinner mix and mingle event at Stephen Hammond’s in Victoria.  BYOB plus $20 for dinner – to be collected on the night.

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Embracing The New Rules of Engagement (only if you want to remain relevant)!
David Gouthro, CSP

In this highly interactive exploration, we will dig into questions that will provide conversation and answers.

  • Why should I be do more than simply deliver great content?
  • How to increase the likelihood participants will act on my content?
  • What principles of engagement to incorporate in my presentation (as a facilitator, trainer, keynoter, etc.)?
  • How can I increase the perceived value of my services to my current and potential clients?

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Are you asking these questions about your credibility?

Why are other speakers charging a lot more than me if I am just as good?
Why do I often feel like an imposter or a fraud?
Why have I lost my mojo even though I’ve been successful and how do I fix it?
Why am I sabotaging my success?

If you feel that an invisible force is making you do the reverse of what you need to do to forge ahead, then you can learn from eight-time International No.1 Best Selling Author and Transformation Expert. Nathalie will share the proven three-step system to reprogram the six layers of your brain to succeed and get transformational results.

You will learn:

  1. The main causes of self-sabotage.
  2. How to eliminate negative self-talk.
  3. How to create the self-confidence you need to position yourself as a sought-after speaker.
  4. How to identify what needs to change.
  5. How to transform the old limiting beliefs and restraining energy into a serving force to propel your business.
  6. Easy to apply skills and a revamped relationship with success and wealth.

“The most HELPFUL and SIGNIFICANT session of the entire CAPS convention 2017.”  Donald Cooper, International Management Consultant and Business Speaker.

“The most impactful session I attended at CAPS convention… unlock potentially MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in revenues.”  Greg Schinkle, President of Unique Training Development, CSP, Author.

The Power of Positive Leadership
Robin Levesque

Learn three simple practices to thrive and grow with the power of positive leadership and build healthy employee engagement in the workplace.

Robin is the co-author of the #1 best selling book Shine: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success over Adversity and author of the upcoming book Resonate to Co-Create: A Transformative Learning Adventure Into Positive Leadership.

Robin is the current Communications Director and President Elect of CAPS BC

Increase your Impact with Vocal Power
Rosemarie Barnes

Thirty-eight percent of your message is sent via vocal finesse.  Are you spending 38% of your preparation time focused on that aspect of your presentation?

Do you know your vocal capabilities, and how to use them effectively?

During this energetic, engaging, and fun-fueled presentation, Rosemarie will highlight ways to discover, expand, and use your finely tuned vocal instrument for maximum impact. Participants will come away with:

  1. Improved knowledge of their vocal range.
  2. Increased awareness of how to manifest vocal variety.
  3. Understand the difference between volume and healthy vocal projection.

Rosemarie Barnes is a Professional Speaker and Presentation Trainer, founder of Confident Stages Executive Presentation Academy, and 3-time international best-selling author. Whether from stage or page, Rosemarie champions others to strive for excellence in personal, professional, and leadership roles through respectful and clear communication across all generations and by cultivating improved confidence in all areas of business.

Top 5 Publishing Secrets
Jeanne Martinson, Co-Publisher, Wood Dragon Books

Many speakers think about writing a book but can’t find the time. Other speakers have squeezed their thoughts into a manuscript but are uncertain how to get their book into print and distribution. Some speakers have published a book but are unhappy with its reception in the marketplace. Thanks to the self-publishing model, becoming an author has become easier – but in many ways, it has become more complex and confusing.

Are you wondering…?

  • What is the “right” way to write, produce, market, and manage your non-fiction book project?
  • How do I craft a customized plan that will guarantee your success?

Jeanne will share her TOP 5 Publishing Secrets to transform your message into a meaningful, marketable, readable manuscript and take it to global distribution in multiple forms with the least money, frustration and time possible.

A CAPS member of over 20 years, Jeanne Martinson is the best-selling Canadian author of 12 books on leadership and diversity. To help other authors take their non-fiction books from idea to bookshelf and global distribution, Jeanne wrote the book, “Hemingway or Twain – Unleashing Your Author Personality” and launched Wood Dragon Books in 2015. She is active in publishing associations in Canada and the United States and is currently working with five authors she is not related to. Jeanne is the author of the CAPS Academy Module, “Creating Your First Book”.


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Date | Times

September 21, 2019
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


David Gouthro
Embracing the New Rules of Engagement
Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas
Robin Levesque
The Power of Positive Leadership
Rosemary Barnes
Increase your impact with Vocal Power
Jeanne Martinson
Top 5 Publishing Secrets


Toad's Landing, aka Johnson Islet
A boatride from Canoe Cove Marina
Sidney, British Columbia


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