Amplify Your Message Through Podcasting 

Morning Session (Open to Guests and CAPS Members)
Idea to iTunes: Podcast the Smart Way

Podcasting finally hit the main stream, and now everyone is listening to podcasts or starting their own podcasts. Information overload, outdated info, strategies that don’t work and technology overwhelm are some real struggles when it comes to starting a podcast. You know you are interested in podcasting, but you aren’t sure how it fits with your speaking business.

If this is you, then this workshop is perfect. You will leave this 90-minute presentation feeling like you have a better understanding about the opportunities in podcasting.

If you discover podcasting is for you and your business, what’s the time commitment, and what equipment may you need to get going?


This workshop is led by Michelle Abraham, Expert Podcast Trainer, International Podcast Speaker, Host of 3 Podcasts and CEO of Amplifyou, a Podcast Launch and Management Agency for Change Makers and Thought Leaders. Amplifyou has launched over 75 podcasts in the last 12 months.

In this presentation you will discover: 

  • The 3 ways to get involved in podcasting
  • What Google’s newest announcement for indexing podcasts means for you as a speaker
  • The 4 things that prevent people from even getting started
  • 5 Steps to Reverse Engineering – a successful podcast launch to go from Idea to
    iTunes in 30 days.
  • How to podcast the smart way for speakers

Come join us and get excited about the possibilities of the podcasting world!



Afternoon Workshop ‘One’ (Open to Guests and CAPS Members)
Be My Guest: How to Be a Great Podcast Guest

What if starting your own show isn’t for you, but you see the benefits of podcasting to boost your speaking career?

Podcast hosts rely on great guests for content for their show; they are constantly looking to fill spots on their shows and to add value to their audience. BUT where do you find podcast hosts, how to do approach them, and how do you do it in a way that they will say YES not only to you but also to referring you on to other shows?

In this deep dive workshop, you will cover all the ways to prep yourself to be a fantastic guest, get a return on your time invested in guesting a show, and how networking alone can supercharge your own speaking resume.

In this workshop you will discover: 

  • How to set yourself up as an amazing guest, and where to look for the hosts who are looking for great guests
  • The Approach – asking the host for a YES, and how to be an easy guest for the host
  • Prep to get the most out of your time
  • How to over-deliver as a guest
  • Some great free resources to find opportunities
  • You’ll leave with a hit list of 10 shows



Afternoon Workshop ‘Two’ (CAPS Members Only) 
Launch My Podcast in 30 Days: Get It Started Now

Ready to have your own show? Why wait? Let’s dive in! In this workshop, we will cover a lot of the Launch to-do list to get you on your way to having your own show,

In a group setting, we have the input and support of others, so let’s brainstorm, get some feedback and get some items checked off the to-do list. First, we need to figure out your show format and audience; then, we take a look at the pieces that go into putting the episodes together; and then finally, we look at what to do about getting it out in the world. We do these steps with our easy Create, Launch and Market formula. You get the templates, the tools and the coaching support and strategy all in this one session.

In this workshop you will discover: 

  • The equipment – What you need and what you don’t
    The Show Format – What’s best for your business?
  • The pieces to CREATE the show- Title, Description Intro, Outro and Categories, Music and Cover Art
  • The pieces to LAUNCH your show, and strategies for MARKETING your show beyond the launch
  • Your Ideal Guest Hit List of 10


Venue Map

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Date | Times

January 25, 2020
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Granville Island Hotel
1253, Johnston Street
Vancouver, British Columbia


Members Early Bird - 45.00
Members - 55.00
Members At the Door - 60.00
Non-Members Early Bird - 90.00
Non-Members - 110.00
Non-Members At the Door - 120.00
Member Zoom - 30.00
Non-Member Zoom - 40.00