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    CAPS Vancouver and BC is a community of speakers, coaches, consultants - experts who speak on a wide variety of subjects.

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    Professional speaking is challenging and exciting but can also be isolating. Membership in CAPS offers you a forum, a connection, friendships and colleagues.

Welcome to CAPS BC

Message from Our Past President, JoAnne Marlow

Dear CAPS BC and Guests

It has been a difficult time during this pandemic, for speakers, not to mention all the people in BC and Canada to deal with the changes in our lives and careers.  The most important thing is for us to support one another with kindness, sharing, and strengthening our community through keeping in touch and truly caring about each other.

CAPS members demonstrate the four critical pillars

(Learn • Share • Grow •Belong), that build our community and I am proud to say that we uphold these values across Canada for our members and to others.  If you haven’t yet taken part in our Community learning programs, I recommend that you do to build, or pivot your business. Our Expert Accelerator Series offers programs for members that help us to learn our next steps.

To spread the news of CAPS, a new video has been released https://vimeo.com/417618630   I uploaded it onto my social media and ask that you do the same.  Due to COVID-19 our BC membership dropped a bit and I believe that now, more than ever, we need to offer the CAPS support and values to other speakers, not yet part of CAPS. Our BC Board contributed to the CAPS National Foundation which supplied funding for four CAPS memberships which allowed four financially displaced BC members to renew their membership this year.  I am so grateful that we were able to do that.

Check out our “members only” events for July and August.  Fun, conversation and learning is what it is all about.  Regular event programming will resume in September which will be open to members across Canada and guests, globally. (www.CAPSBC.ca/Events)

Our President, Robin Levesque is recovering from surgery and we send him positive wishes for a speedy recovery.

Be safe, stay well.  This is not forever.

Warm wishes,

JoAnne Marlow

Past President




Entrepreneurs looking for a centre stage business opportunity to engage an audience, tell their story, promote their brand and market their products and services are invited to sponsor a CAPS event.

More than just your Company name and logo in the CAPS newsletter, sponsorship includes dedicated commercial time with a captive audience of renowned professional speakers.

The speaking business is open – open to hearing how you can help them improve their businesses and make a difference in their professional lives.

“I sponsored a CAPS event and had an immediate registration to my event that lead to follow-up business a few months later. I got back my investment ten times! It was fun and a good ROI.”
Petra Mayer, Petra Mayer Consulting

“Sponsoring a CAPS event is absolutely worth it! In April 2018, I sponsored an event and met some amazing professional speakers. It’s now a few months later, and I am getting business from it. I was recommended to supply all the printing for the National Convention in Vancouver in December and was awarded the contract. I definitely recommend sponsoring a CAPS event.”
Sussan Toub, Print Broker, Perfect Impression Ltd. 604-812-5220

Interested?  Download more information here.


Membership renewal – HERE

CAPS BC seeks to enrich experts who speak professionally. Every one of our events is designed to provide you with inspiration and skills to acquire more expertise, develop greater eloquence, learn new tools for your enterprise, and/or practice CAPS ethics more professionally.

All of this happens within the remarkably generous and welcoming community of practice that is the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.